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Pumice Perlite / Daana 0.25-6 mm

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Pumice Perlite / Sand / Volcanic Rock / Daana 0.25-6 mm

Note: May need to use the combination of different grain sizes in accordance to your sectors of usage.

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Note: May need to use the combination of different grain sizes in accordance to your sectors of usage.


  • Pumice is used for storage of liquid gases (-270 C) to keep their temperature in needed values for storing them as liquid gases. Pumice is filled between double walls of vessels or tanks in atmosphere pressure and vacuum.
  • Liqufied petroleum gas (LPG)
  • Liqufied natural gases (LNG)
  • Liquid nitrogen and ammoniac
  • Liquid progane, ethane and methane
  • Liquid oxygen
  • Liquid noble gases, propellant gases (propellans), refrigerant gases (refrigerant etc.)


Pumice is used for prohibiting heat transfer to external environment(heat loss) for furnace with higher temperature working conditions. Free backfill is made outer surface of the furnace. (between double walls)

  • Pumice is used in production of bricks and soil mixtures as addition agent for vessels, cementation, heat processing and in melting furnace.
  • Fuel saving can be reached with refractory blocks that produced by clay and calcium cements connecting to each other and that brings higher heat isolation with lighter bricks.
  • Ceramics bounded Pumice refractory bricks.
  • Aluminum phosphate bounded Pumice refractory bricks and concrete.
  • Used as metallurgical flux in casting industry.
  • Used as additional agent for casting sand.
  • Protection of melted metal in melting pot.
  • Protection of heat losses from metal ingot that going Rolling mill or forging.
  • Sinter control of melted metal in iron-steel industry.

Pumice has heat and sound isolation properties because of its porous structure. Pumice is used in plasters, roof coatings, schappe and also for heat and sound isolation purpose between floors. Because of lightness it decreases dead load on building and protects buildings from earthquake. It doesn’t lost its properties in higher heat conditions and prevents spread of fire.

Usage in Construction Sector;
  • Pumice plasters
  • Light isolation concrete with Pumice aggregates. (Concrete and plaster bounders)
  • Light structural elements with Pumice aggregates.
  • Pumice used as weak filling material for heat and sound isolation
  • Pumice concrete used bounding agents rather than cement and plaster, for special purposes.
  • Pumice is used in ventilation of soil, rooting with cutting, improving water holding property of soil, helping agent for spreading droppings, improving physical properties of decoration or flowerpot soil properties as subsrate material.
  • Pumcie Usage in Agriculture;
  • Pumice makes soil ventilated and improves its drainage with its %90 porosity and %60 ventilation porosity.
  • Pumice increases infiltration,decreases evaporation. Provides economical watering procedure.
  • Doesn’t carry weed seed or illness because its an inorganic material.
  • Pumice doesn’t cause saltness and alkalization problems because of less amounts of soluble ions in it.
  • Regulates pH values with its chemical buffering properties and notralized pH (pH= 6,5-7,5)
  • Because of its lower electrical conductivity, it protects plant from daily temperature changes.
  • In non-soiled agriculture activities; it brings advantages of usage with sterilization and usage for 6 years. It can provide early production.
  • Prevents injuries and losses at seedling roots.
  • Pumice is used for separating solid material from solid-liquid mixture, providing luminous and fast filtrate with easy filtration in cold and hot environment.
  • In food industry
  • Medicine and Chemical Industry
  • Other filtration procedures

Pumice is inert and water insoluble material because of its stable behavior. It is used as bleaching agent in textile sector. It doesn’t have harmful effect on health because it is an sterilized material. Pumice is easy to use doesn’t cause abrasion, doesn’t cause blocking and its light.

Additional Information

Color White
Delivery Time No
Packing Detail Poly Bag 35 - 40 kg ; zip/plastic bag for small qty
Qty Unit KG
Pumice Type Pumice Perlite/Sand/Daana
Impurities 5% Hard stone/ Pebbles
Moisture 5%
Pumice_Size 0.25-6 mm
Price PKR0.00

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